What impact is your living room furniture having on the sale of your property?

Can furniture really impact a sale of a home? We say yes. When buying a home, emotion is a huge factor. They are not just buying based on a good investment, (although, that is important too!) they are buying based on the vision of a good life in the property. The furniture in your space when you sell can impact how the buyer feels when viewing. Here are some things to consider when preparing your home for sale and choosing the right furniture for your living room: Furniture Style: The obvious first mistake people make is choosing or leaving the wrong style sofa, chairs, and large living room pieces in the room that do not match the demographic of the buyer. Even though a buyer knows they will be moving their own furniture into the home, many are visual and intuitive buyers. They subconsciously make decisions by how they feel, how they are emotionally connecting to the space. A style that does not appeal to them, can have them struggle to feel connected. Furniture Size: We have mentioned in past blogs, that having enough sitting space is crucial to buyers connecting and envisioning them living and entertaining in the space. The scale of furniture is part of this decision. Too large and a space can feel crowded and small. Too small and the space can feel cold and [...]