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5 Reasons You Should Stage Your Virgina Listings

When it comes to making your real estate listings stand out, home staging can be your most powerful marketing tool.  It's because home staging dramatically impacts the value and appeal of a property that you should stage your Virginia listings. The benefits for realtors who want to maximize the appeal and value of their listings are undeniable - especially in a competitive market like Hampton Roads or Virginia Beach. As we often tell our realtor partners, staging can make all the difference in how quickly a home sells and the price it commands. Staged homes are not only more attractive, but they also help home buyers better visualize themselves living in the home, which, in turn, leads to quicker sales and higher offers. Here are five compelling reasons why realtors should prioritize staging their listings: First Impressions Matter In real estate, first impressions can make or break a deal. Buyers decide if a home is right for them within just 7 seconds. A well-staged home creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. This, in turn, helps buyers feel at home while they envision themselves living there. In contrast, a vacant or non-staged home can leave a negative impression, making it harder for buyers to connect with the space and making the property harder to sell. According to RESA, staged homes statistically sell over 60% faster than unstaged properties. This [...]

Outdoor Living Trends…

With isolation of being cooped up inside all winter, comes the need and desire for a change of location. As we make our way into the second quarter of 2021 and lockdowns and restrictions are out of our control, there are still some things we can do to keep sane. Extending our living space to the outdoors is one of those ways. Here are some outdoor living trends we are seeing on the horizon… Front Yard Living Spaces Our homes are often our oasis and a way to hide from the world, to recoup and venture back out. It makes sense that backyard privacy has in the past been a trend for decades as life got busier and busier. It also makes sense, that as we crave more human contact, we are moving to the front yard, to visit and feel a part of the world, while still practicing social distancing. We are seeing more and more entertaining areas, with outdoor furniture looking more and more layered and an extension of our indoors. Inviting and welcome, is not just for selling and resale curb appeal, we are adopting this feeling for everyday living, as we hope for the return of social interaction.   Gardens + Sustainable Living The impact of todays consumer goods has many thinking of sustainability. Food and resources. It is reported that more and [...]

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