The Process

Vacant Home Staging

Here is how we accomplish our results driven process…with speed & ease!

STEP 1 – Quick Quote 
To keep it simple and easy just fill out a Quick Quote from our website Home Page. This will give us a general idea of the size & scope of your home, to prepare and submit an online estimate for the staging.

STEP 2 – Accept Quote
Once you have reviewed the Quote and agree to all terms, then the Quote is submitted & accepted.

STEP 3 – Preview Property/Photos
One of our Team members previews the property to take photos and make notes on any recommendations and share resources for minor updates (paint, lighting, flooring) that could have a major impact on the sale price of the home.  

STEP 4 – Sign Contract
The Contract is e-Signed by responsible party and payment option is made. 

STEP 5 – Project Scheduled
 We schedule the date for staging based on your target listing date and photos. Inventory is selected from our 6,000 sq ft warehouse, to match the style and design of your home. 

STEP 6 – Staging Day
Because we spend the majority of time in the warehouse carefully selecting each item for your staging project, this minimizes the time spent onsite staging.  This allows for a quick turn around time for photos and listing.  
We then pack, load and deliver to your home in our 20 ft Staged2Sell Truck (“Ruby”) by our Logistics & Staging Team!   

STEP 7 – Destaging
We remove the staging from your home on a pre-determined/scheduled date.  We take a great deal of pride in removing our inventory as we know it brought you – your Highest & Best!  


Our Logistics Team carefully protects your home with our entry threshold floor mat; door jam protector; sliders; repairs small nail holes, and sweeps or vacuums – leaving your home in its pre-staged condition and ready for its new owners!  

Occupied Consultation

STEP 1 – Schedule Consultation with one of our Occupied Consultation Specialists (OCS)
STEP 2 – The OCS conducts a 2-Hour Consult with Homeowner on scheduled day; Realtor can participate if desired.
STEP 3 – Payment for the Consultation ($250.00) is made at the end of the Consult. 

Redesign & Decorating

STEP 1 – Schedule an in-home design Consultation with one of our Staging & Design Specialists 
STEP 2 – The Stager/Designer conducts a minimum 2-Hour Consult with the Client on scheduled day.  Cost ($250.00) 
STEP 3 – A determination is made based on the Clients needs, if additional hours are required to complete the design project. Each additional hour is $125.00.  


Whether you’re interested in staging your house yourself or letting us do it for you, let’s make sure your home has exactly what it needs to enchant buyers, inspire multiple offers, and sell fast for a great price.

Give us a call today and we’ll schedule a time when we can meet with you to give you a quote or arrange for a staging consultation.