As buyers search for a property online or through their agent, they give a criteria of what they are looking for. How many bedrooms, what size kitchen, etc. Many of these rooms are similar and have the same criteria’s because that is what they have compiled. The living/family rooms are a given. Buyers do not have to ask for them, they do not include special features regarding them. However, they are crucial to the sale. 

It is here that the buyers envision themselves relaxing at the end of the day, entertaining family, and friends, laughing around the Christmas tree, curled up around the fire, enjoying a good book. It is here they make the emotional connection to being happy and at peace in their new home.

As a home stager, we use decorating elements to make this connection happen subconsciously. Here are a few things to consider:

1.    The space needs enough sitting area. When we look at the demographic of who is most likely to buy. For example, if the most likely buyer is a family, we need enough sitting space for who is in the home but also who might visit, like friends of the kids. Even if it is an older couple downsizing, we assume they will have family and friends visiting. They have lived a good life and collected people in their circle. Having enough sitting space, helps them envision entertaining and living in this room.

2.    Address focal points. Using focal points that will stay with the buyer, selling features, such as fireplaces, the great view…and making sure these are featured when preparing the property for sale by good positioning of art, accessories, especially using the right color mapping to attract the eye to these features, this can set the emotional connection for the buyer. 

3.    Creating a Warm inviting space. The number one tip when selling on the internet is decluttering. And although this is a crucial step in preparing a house to be staged, it can make a space look cold and uninviting. It is extremely hard to envision yourself living in a space that is void of warmth. Home stagers know, that during the showcasing phase of home staging process, it is crucial to put the warmth back in. However, instead of personal belongings, as a home stager we will use a layering technique with patterns, texture, and color palettes to recreate a welcoming feeling.

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