Working from home can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right set up. Here are a few things to consider when setting up or revamping your work from home space!

Location, Location, Location!!!

Ideally, using a spare room or corner of a room is the most productive option for workspace location. Keeping all your work items and everything set up, allows you to jump in and just get started. However, when this is not possible, and if you must turn kitchen or dining tables into workspaces, consider a mobile office, and use portable bins and storage cabinets on wheels. Consider multi-use furniture, like cabinets or buffets to use as work organizers. Find ways to organize your work tools, that you can set up and store in five minutes. Keep your productivity in mind.

Note: Think outside the box, consider garages, sheds and closets that can be remade into a home office.

When choosing your location, consider distractions. What distractions are out of your control? For example, when your neighbors are entertaining guests, have children at play, or when they choose to cut their grass? What can you do to make your space specific distraction free? Noise cancellation headsets? Can you set up hours of operation that makes your space off limits to others during times? Can you set your schedule to match others sharing the space?

Flow + Function

Take each task you know you will need to accomplish daily, what tools will you need, how can you set it up for less steps and minimal obstacles to get to the tools seamlessly? Choose organization storage solutions that help you stay organized and clutter-free, while still be close at hand. If you forget what you have and need to visually see your tools, consider clear containers or labels. If you are fortunate to have a dedicated space, choose your furniture with productivity in mind. A comfy chair, the right scale desk for your tasks, cork boards, and calendars positioned to help you stay focused.

Set the Mood!

Choosing a color palette, to match the energy and style of your décor can help you stay focused as well. Take a moment to intentionally choose the mood you would like when working. We all work differently, some need calm and peaceful, choosing blues and monotone hues can help keep your energy calming. For positions of high stress, this can be ideal. While others love stimulation, and high energy while working. Positions of creativity and motivation, perhaps consider brighter colors, or neutrals with punch colors, that you can easily change up! Setting mood with affirmations, word art, pictures, and décor that can be functionable and set a mood is ideal for space considerations.

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