We have been talking a lot about outdoor living, and as the nice weather enfolds us, most of us are getting the bug to update our spaces to include the outdoors. Often, as designers we get the question…What furniture should I purchase for outside? Before we can answer though, we ask a few questions of our own so we can avoid Costly Mistakes.

What is the shape and layout of your space?

Create a Plan starting with your layout of your outdoor space. This helps you make sure you are creating a space that will be cohesive, and it avoids choosing the wrong furniture, when you add new functions as you think of them. In this plan, you should include traffic flow patterns, focal points, function and aesthetic appeal.

Who is most likely to use it and for what purpose?

Will you entertain, how often? Do you have children? Who is most likely to use the area? Knowing who is most likely to use it, you can then plan what they would get the most enjoyment out of it. Like dining, BBQs, kids play area, quiet reading nooks, entertainment, outdoor theatres, flower or vegetable gardens, pool, spa….endless options. Answering this question can help you in the planning process, making sure you have proper lighting and access to electricity, and enough space allocated for each function, with the right placement of the furniture. Keeping in mind function, you can look for the right durability needed.

What colors are you thinking? Why?

Deciding what is your color scheme, and which neutral colour would work best with it, will save you loads when you decide to change it up in a few years. If the colors you would like to use are bright, then choose to keep those colors to the accent pillows and smaller décor, as this will save you the large replacement cost of the seat cushions and larger items, such as umbrellas, and shade coverings. This makes changing your look fun and affordable over the years.

For example: coral and yellow accent pillows can easily be changed when used with neutral navy, grey, creams, and browns.

What are the outdoor elements that may affect your enjoyment of your space?

Considering the sun and weather, you can choose the right furniture the first time, matching with good shade coverings when needed. Buying certain furniture and placing it in areas they will be affected by out of your control elements, like wind patterns, neighbors children or dogs, trees that shed their leaves, keys, or blossoms, making it a chore to use, might have you regretting your choice and wishing you had purchased something that would go in a better location etc.

Where can you store your furniture in off season, and how will you store your cushions and décor items to protect them from the elements and animals?

Considering where you will store and maintain your furniture will save you replacement and repair costs. Storage for your cushions when not in use, can save sun bleaching and animals nestling in. Choosing the right furniture, the right size and material, that makes it easier to store in climate-controlled areas can save you in the long run. If you don’t have storage options, money invested in weather durable furniture would be a wise investment.


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