With isolation of being cooped up inside all winter, comes the need and desire for a change of location. As we make our way into the second quarter of 2021 and lockdowns and restrictions are out of our control, there are still some things we can do to keep sane. Extending our living space to the outdoors is one of those ways.

Here are some outdoor living trends we are seeing on the horizon…

Front Yard Living Spaces
Our homes are often our oasis and a way to hide from the world, to recoup and venture back out. It makes sense that backyard privacy has in the past been a trend for decades as life got busier and busier. It also makes sense, that as we crave more human contact, we are moving to the front yard, to visit and feel a part of the world, while still practicing social distancing.

We are seeing more and more entertaining areas, with outdoor furniture looking more and more layered and an extension of our indoors. Inviting and welcome, is not just for selling and resale curb appeal, we are adopting this feeling for everyday living, as we hope for the return of social interaction.


Gardens + Sustainable Living
The impact of todays consumer goods has many thinking of sustainability. Food and resources. It is reported that more and more people are considering raised gardens for consumables. Pots and portable containers are being used more often in gardening for easier all year planting. Those with lack of yard space or city dwellers are adding living walls, for planting. Water features are popular, as they add to the desire for calmness and stress relievers. Bird Feeders to attract nature are also on the rise.

Chicken Coops and other hobby farms are seeing an upward trend for those with space and the desire to be more sustainable.

Outdoor Kitchens
With the restrictions of outside the home hobbies, many of us have turned to cooking as a source of stress relief, hobbies and entertainment in the immediate family. Because of this we are seeing a rise in dedicated outdoor kitchen areas, as homeowners extend their living space outwards. From more simple BBQ upgrades to complex pizza ovens and the convenience of mini fridges built into stone outdoor counters, to accessible dining areas, this is a trend we are seeing make a come back as people have more time on their hands.

Outdoor bars
As public restaurants and bars open and then close, have restrictions to occupancy and people are playing it safe, we are seeing the trend for homeowners to add an outdoor bar in their upgrades. From pallets, repurposing sheds, retailed bars and stools, we are seeing a trend for people using natural looking elements when constructing these areas.

Pools + Hot Tubs

Last years trend to add pools and hot tubs are also continuing, and the demand is still high for these additions to our outdoor living. In some areas, we are seeing months of backorders for new pools and spas.

Access to electricity outside has become a necessity in upgrades. Along with outdoor fridges and increased accessibility for charging stations outlets, outdoor theaters, music, LED mood colour changing lights are all the rage.

Functionable Areas
No longer is the yard for just relaxing. Our outdoor spaces have become more and more focused on function. The goal is to get outdoors more and to feel alive. We are setting up our outdoor space to include hobbies and working from home. Some of these include; outdoor gyms, woodworking shops, crafting sheds, and outdoor offices.

Have you been thinking of extending your living space to include the outdoors? Not sure how to start? What would be a good return on investment?  Call (757) 344-5322 to book a design planning session and we can help you come up with a plan of action.



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